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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property ®

St. Onge IP has over 15 years of experience in both paragraph IV and non-paragraph IV pharmaceutical patent litigation. Along with vast litigation experience, SSJR attorneys possess technical expertise in both medicinal chemistry and dosage formulation resulting from their work at brand companies. Additionally, St. Onge IP’s experienced attorneys have a wide array of scientific backgrounds, ensuring expertise for any issues that may arise during litigation and prosecution. Our pharmaceutical attorneys have deep insight into the regulatory, business and legal issues facing clients in the fields of generic drug development, manufacturing and approval.  St. Onge IP has represented small private local companies to the largest of publicly traded, generics in multi-million dollar ANDA litigations, prosecuting and procuring patent portfolios, handling contract disputes over development, supply agreements and responding to subpoenas.  

St. Onge IP possesses the expertise and resources necessary to translate complex science into a compelling easily understood case when litigating against a brand company. The breadth of our practice enables us to work smarter and faster, strategically facilitating speed to market for your product. We prepare opinion and notice letters, prosecute patent applications on new drugs, and guide you through the associated regulatory processes. By fostering partnerships that surpass the typical client/attorney relationship, we create new opportunities that further your business goals.