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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property ®

Online content and software contains intellectual property that needs to be protected and while the protection of the intellectual property rights for software and on line content is the same as for other inventions, there are challenges for IP law in the technology sector. At St. Onge IP, our attorneys have a deep understanding of technology, online content and software applications.

We have broad range of technology clients to whom we provide strategic counsel and protection for online IP assets. Our expertise in both technology and patent law enables us to differentiate between patentable computer-related inventions and non-patentable data, such as source coding. Our lawyers are in the vanguard of patent protection for computer and Internet-related inventions.

We have successfully advocated for and protected business method and software patents for clients in virtually every area of technology — from securities trading, data encryption, retail marketing and telecommunication management. As the technology sector develops, so too does our expertise.

St. Onge IP can assist protect and enforce IP rights in cyberspace and across-borders including:

  • Mobile applications
  • Website designs and content
  • Databases
  • Graphic symbols, screen displays, graphic user interfaces
  • E-commerce systems, search engines or other technical Internet tools
  • Hidden aspects can be protected as a trade secret including source code, object code, algorithms, programs or other technical descriptions, data flow charts, user manuals, data structures, and database contents