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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property ®

Our IP litigation team works with clients to resolve their most complex high-stakes intellectual property disputes. A key to success in establishing and protecting the value of today’s most advanced, complex technologies often requires communicating sophisticated and subtle technical ideas to judges, juries, government agencies and investors, many of whom have limited technical backgrounds.

To achieve successful outcomes, we rely on the skills of our attorneys, supported by a range of specialist consultants and foreign associates in jurisdictions around the world.

Enterprises from start-ups and multi-national companies worldwide have turned to St. Onge IP for strategic intellectual property counsel, litigation and IP asset protection.

As accomplished litigators, St. Onge IP attorneys bring innovative thinking, clear focus and an innovative approach to each case. We help resolve complex disputes, venturing well beyond any challenges at hand to identify and capitalize on often-unforeseen opportunities. Our attorneys are well versed in risk management and cost containment and we strive to build close, open partnerships with clients. Communication and integration are fundamental to our practice and significantly contribute to our success.