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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property ®

By its nature, Intellectual Property law requires a global perspective when considering how best to assist client to protect their IP assets.

At St Onge IP we understand the complexity of working across international boundaries and different regulatory environments to achieve successful outcomes – and our networks matter when achieving these successful outcomes.

While located in Stamford, Connecticut, we have developed a wide and diverse network of leading IP Firms across the globe to provide the capability handle our clients’ interests globally with deep local insight.

We are also active participants in professional networks and associations so our attorneys know and understand what is happening in markets and jurisdictions around the world.

International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms

The International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms (INBLF) is a network of highly credentialed single-discipline boutique law firms, across the United States and also partners with leading full-service law firms around the globe. So regardless of your legal issue, we can introduce an attorney that can assist you.

International Trademark Association

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is an international advocacy association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to promoting fair and effective global commerce and supporting trademarks and intellectual property rights.

Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association

The Connecticut Intellectual Property Law Association (CIPLA) is an association of IP attorneys and other professionals involved in intellectual property law. The association promotes ethical standards within the profession and provides training and professional development. St. Onge attorneys have regularly participated in the leadership of CIPLA since the 1960’s including many of our past and present partners serving as President of the organization.