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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property ®

St. Onge IP can advise clients on how to protect against the theft of their confidential information from both external and internal threats. Trade secret protection and information security is particularly important in today’s global market due to an increase in collaborations and business partnerships, technology and the ease of data transfer, and increased mobility of employees and vendors.

We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, in high-stakes trade secret, unfair competition, breach of contract, and breach-of-confidence disputes.

Trade secrets are often a business’s “secret sauce” and might include software source code, client lists, secret formulas, or manufacturing processes.

We have substantial experience counseling and assisting clients dealing with business and legal decisions and the nuances in U.S. law in different states relating to trade secret protection and our attorneys have assisted clients with the following services:

  • Bringing or defending a claim of misappropriation of trade secrets and the breach of confidentiality and/or nondisclosure agreements
  • Providing counsel on a best practice approach for contractually protecting trade secrets and other intellectual property internally
  • Developing trade secret protection measures, compliance checklists and screening company materials prior to dissemination
  • Providing training programs, agreements and compliance procedures to protect against employee theft of trade secrets