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Safeguard Your Intellectual Property ®

Registration of one or more domain names is often an important add-on to the registration of an organization’s trademarks. The creation of dedicated websites for new products or services can be critical when launching a new brand or trade mark and St. Onge IP can assist to select and register domain names.

Resolving a domain name dispute is similar to a trademark infringement lawsuit and increasingly disputes are arising from the alleged abusive registrations of domain names.  St. Onge IP has experience in domain name dispute-resolution and can move quickly to cancel, suspend, or transfer a domain name (eg. cybersquatting) to protect the trademark holder.

Our Brand Enforcement and Domain Name registration services include:

  • The selection and registration of domain names
  • The monitoring of domain name usage as part of trade mark monitoring & searching service
  • Dispute resolution to cancel or regain a domain name