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St. Onge IP attorney Jonathan Winter successfully appeals obviousness rejection

August 2, 2023 by in News

St. Onge IP client Kenyon Technologies developed an induction cooking system that also vibrates the cooking surface.  This technology has a variety of applications in the cooking industry, particularly automated cooking of items susceptible to burning.  Important to this system is the ability vibrate the cooking surface while inhibiting vibrations of the induction coil.  St. Onge IP appealed an obviousness rejection that combined an induction cooktop patent by the same inventors with a radiant stove that used a mechanical vibration that vibrated the heat element.  Jonathan Winter argued in the appeal brief that the examiner’s combination was a product of hindsight bias as was argued previously to the examiner during prosecution.  Rather than prepare an examiner’s answer to force the board to hear the issue, the examiner agreed with the arguments submitted and issued an allowance.