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SSJR Successfully Obtains Settlement for its Client WhitServe LLC

May 5, 2011 by in Internet + Computers

SSJR has successfully obtained settlement for its client WhitServe LLC with the Dennemeyer Group, PAVIS eG and Ladas & Parry LLC. This concludes litigation in the U.S. District Court in Connecticut regarding allegations of infringement of WhitServe’s patents by the parties’ Internet-based payment of patent annuities and trademark renewals. The named defendants in the suit, which is captioned as Civil Action No. 10-cv-01182 RNC, include Dennemeyer & Co. LLC, Dennemeyer & Co. S.á r.l., PAVIS eG, and Ladas & Parry LLC. WhitServe has settled the dispute amicably with these parties, and they have become licensees under WhitServe’s patents.

Dennemeyer is a leading vendor for worldwide IP services and is based in Luxemburg. PAVIS is an international IP service provider for patent professionals and is based in Germany. Ladas and Parry is an international IP law firm and is based in Chicago. WhitServe is a US-based entity that invents and owns intellectual property for the development of online professional services. WhitServe’s subsidiary, NetDocket LLC, provides a web-based service for the payment of patent annuities and trademark renewals.