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SSJR Obtains U.S. Patent in 6 Months With Track One Prioritized Examination

June 4, 2013 by in General

The fastest way to obtain issuance of a U.S. utility patent is Track One Prioritized Examination offered by the USPTO. Using this procedure, SSJR obtained a patent for a client in six months from filing to grant (U.S. Pat. No. 8,456,109; Lighting System). Ordinary processing of such an application could take 36 months or more. On average, the USPTO is processing Track One applications in less than 12 months. Track One processing can be obtained by paying an additional fee at the time of filing any new, divisional or continuing application; no pre-filing prior art search or analysis is required. Track One Prioritized Examination should be considered by any applicant eager to receive a patent grant quickly.