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St. Onge IP Successfully Enforces U.S Patent in Amazon APEX Patent Program

March 20, 2023 by in Patents

Using Amazon’s Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) patent enforcement program, patent attorney Fritz L. Schweitzer III of St. Onge IP has again successfully enforced a U.S. utility patent on behalf of the Patent Owner against multiple Amazon sellers, resulting in a combination of licenses and take-downs of the infringing products. In addition, the Patent Owner can now rapidly and effectively enforce the patent against other sellers of materially identical products by using Amazon’s Brand Registry program, without the need to initiate another APEX case.  Amazon APEX cases are decided by a neutral attorney with experience in U.S. patent law.  Therefore, patent owners and accused infringers involved in APEX cases are encouraged to consult experienced patent counsel.  St. Onge IP has experience with Amazon Brand Registry and the APEX patent program.  Attorney Fritz L. Schweitzer III has successfully enforced U.S. utility patents against a multitude of Amazon infringers using the APEX program and can provide counseling to patent owners or Amazon sellers involved in or considering an APEX claim.