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Amazon Announces New Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) Program

April 21, 2022 by in IP Litigation

Amazon just announced the launch of the Amazon Patent Evaluation Express (APEX) program, which gives US utility patent owners a faster and less expensive way to resolve patent disputes on the Amazon US platform.

The APEX program is based on Amazon’s prior (beta) UPNEP program. Similar to the UPNEP program, APEX uses a neutral third-party attorney skilled in patent analysis to evaluate whether a utility patent has been infringed.  Participants receive a decision in about two months versus years with a patent lawsuit. APEX is free for the winner and can be enforced in Amazon’s US store, effectively as an injunction which may be unavailable in a patent lawsuit.

St. Onge IP is experienced with this procedure. Attorneys Fritz Schweitzer III and Stephen Zimowski have successfully enforced U.S. utility patent rights against a multitude of Amazon infringers, using the program.