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St Onge IP resolves dispute with Capcom

February 7, 2022 by in Copyright + Designs

St Onge IP attorneys Jonathan and Gene Winter represented Judy Juracek in a lawsuit filed against Capcom in Connecticut. Ms. Juracek is a scene designer and photographer in the movie/tv industry.  Of particular relevance to the dispute with Capcom, Ms. Juracek published a book about 20 years ago called “Surfaces”.  This book included thousands of photographs of architectural surfaces which Ms. Juracek has licensed to various companies over the years.  The lawsuit alleged that Capcom had taken over 80 of these photos and used them in their Resident Evil series of games without a license. (  

Capcom and Judy Juracek have amicably resolved their dispute concerning the alleged use of Ms. Juracek’s photos in Capcom’s games.  A dismissal was filed on February 7, 2022 with the District of Connecticut to end the lawsuit.