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St. Onge IP Successfully Appeals a Subject Matter Eligibility Rejection

June 27, 2019 by in Patents

St. Onge IP Attorneys Jonathan Winter, Steven Simonis and Gene Winter obtained an allowance after appeal on a patent application in the software field.  The examiner rejected all claims under 35 USC 101 for allegedly lacking eligibility.  After receiving St. Onge IP’s appeal brief, the examiner stated that the arguments presented were persuasive, resulting in an allowance.  These Alice rejections have caused many software cases to be rejected with little or no fact finding or analysis, where prior to 2014, no rejection would issue.  This has led Congress to start work on overruling Alice in recent months.  However, St. Onge IP continues to be successful in overcoming these rejections.  The application is directed to a multi-layered information distribution tool and is expected to issue in due course.  The allowance can be found here.