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St. Onge IP Prevails in China Trademark Opposition on Behalf of Haldex Brake Products Corp.

September 22, 2021 by in Trademarks

The team of Steven Simonis, Samantha Gerold and AnneMarie Cheverko (Provino) of St. Onge IP prevailed in a trademark opposition proceeding on behalf of its client Haldex Brake Products.  The China Trade Mark Office (CTMO) entered a Decision against Hou Xiaomei and refused registration of the HALDEX trademark. Although the goods of both parties are dissimilar according to the Chinese Classification Book which is used as the guidance of CTMO, our office prevailed in persuading the Examiner to break the criteria of Chinese Classification Book and prohibited the trademark registration by the infringer on the basis of deceit or other unfair means.