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SSJR Wins Domain Arbitration for INSURE MY TRIP®

June 15, 2009 by in General

SSJR won a decision in a UDRP domain name arbitration proceeding ordering the transfer of to its client, IMT Services, Corp., the owner of the leading travel insurance comparison site

The registrant had failed to respond to demands sent on behalf of IMT. In response to the Complaint filed by SSJR, the registrant agreed to transfer the domain name. However, the registrant argued that the arbitration Panel should forgo an analysis and decision on the Complaint and should instead proceed immediately to order the transfer.

The Panel found no justification to forgo a standard analysis and decision on the Complaint and recognized the registant’s request as a tactic common among domain name “cybersquatters” to attempt to avoid an adverse decision on the merits after maximizing revenue from a domain name. Ruling for IMT on all UDRP elements, the Panel granted the request to transfer the domain to IMT.