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SSJR Successfully Obtains Protective Order as Connecticut Court Rejects Opposing Party’s Motion for Order of Compliance

July 23, 2015 by in General

In defending a lawsuit for misappropriation of trade secrets, SSJR attorney’s successfully obtained a protective order precluding review of highly sensitive, confidential information by the opposing party. Nucap Industries, Inc. sought court approval for disclosure of SSJR client Preferred Tool and Die, Inc.’s trade secret and business sensitive information to its employees. Concerned about misuse by Nucap, a direct competitor, Preferred moved for a protective order that would limit review of highly sensitive documents to attorneys and independent expert witnesses. Nucap opposed the terms of Preferred’s protective order and also asked the court to force Preferred to produce confidential documents without any protective order in place, filing a Motion for Order of Compliance.

In granting Preferred’s Motion for Protective Order and rejecting Nucap’s Motion for Order of Compliance, the court agreed with Preferred’s position and accepted SSJR’s argument that the risk of misuse of Preferred’s highly sensitive information outweighed Nucap’s need for review by employees. Accordingly, the court ordered the parties to provide a joint protective order incorporating Preferred’s requested terms precluding employee review of highly confidential information. SSJR looks forward to continuing to zealously defend Preferred from Nucap’s unfounded claims.