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SSJR Successfully Defends Motion to Dismiss Enabling Client to Assert Third-Party Claims

July 11, 2013 by in General

The District Court of Massachusetts recently granted SSJR’s Motion for Leave to file an Amended Third-Party Complaint in a complicated contract dispute that SSJR is defending for its client, ChemWerth. SSJR asked for leave to file an amended third-party complaint in response to a motion to dismiss by the third-party. The Court denied the motion to dismiss and found support for all five claims asserted by SSJR: negligent misrepresentation, fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and contribution as a result negligent misrepresentation and fraudulent misrepresentation. As a result, ChemWerth can now pursue affirmative claims against the third-party, besides defending and counterclaiming against the plaintiff.
ChemWerth is a full service generic drug development and supply company founded by Peter J. Werth, Jr. that provides high quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to regulated markets worldwide.