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October 11, 2016 by in General


Congratulations to SSJR client Solemates, LLC for their appearance on the “Shark Tank” TV show on Friday, October 14, ABC, 9-10pm EST.

In 2007 Rebecca Brown and Monica Ferguson, co-founders of Solemates, LLC, set out to create a solution to the problem of stiletto heels sinking into soft grass turf, and catching in sidewalk cracks and grates, etc. After a few attempts, they invented the functional and stylish – and patented – High Heeler® stabilizer.

As regular viewers of the Shark Tank know, the sharks often ask “Is it patented?” Solemates can respond with an emphatic “Yes, it is!” Both the construction and the appearance of the product are novel, and SSJR obtained utility and design patents for the product on behalf of the inventors (US Pat. 8,033,035 and D632,463). In addition, SSJR obtained a US Federal trademark registration for the product name, High Heeler® (Registration No. 3,664,662).

The lightweight High Heeler® stabilizer provides a wide, stable base for a heel. It has an hour-glass design and is typically made of clear or black soft plastic to be essentially invisible. The product is easy to put on and remove and can be carried about in a pocketbook. The High Heeler® product has been very successful and is sold on-line, in department stores, bridal shops, and other outlets. It has led to the development of a growing line of companion products, all related to footwear, which can be seen on their website at