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SSJR Accepts Summer Savers Award at Hartford Ceremony

April 28, 2011 by in General

As the recipient of the Gold Summer Savers award, SSJR attended a ceremony at the State Capitol Building on April 28th held by The State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, along with the Departments of Public Utility Control and Environmental Protection. In presenting the award, Commissioner Anna Ficeto cited SSJR’s extensive building improvements, including the recent installation of energy-efficient lighting systems and three high-efficiency 10-ton air conditioning units. The combined impact of SSJR’s facility improvements was a dramatic reduction in kilowatt usage to just 27% of average summer consumption, thereby eliminating an estimated 26.7 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The commissioner indicated that such a reduction in emissions was equivalent to taking four cars off the road, saving 56 barrels of oil or providing 5 acres of pine forest carbon storing for one year. Elizabeth Potter and Steven Simonis accepted the award on behalf of the firm.