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September 15, 2016 by in General


Apple, Google Play and Amazon have become distribution giants for hundreds of thousands of consumer products and mobile apps. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites have seen the largest growth of any advertising mediums in history and have become large distributors of media content. This growth has resulted in an unprecedented rate of rip offs, stolen content, clones and stolen intellectual property as well as an unprecedented scale of retail sales by unauthorized resellers. SSJR enforces a zero toleration policy for this type of infringement and combats such infringements on behalf of its clients on a regular basis.

The SSJR team of Gene Winter, Jonathan Winter and AnneMarie Provino has successfully shut down infringing apps, social media pages, infringing content and counterfeit merchandise on the Amazon Store, Apple Store, Google Play, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter for thousands of products on behalf of dozens of clients including global entertainment companies such as BILLBOARD and ZEE ENTERTAINMENT, and global consumer goods companies such as PURE LATEX BLISS mattresses and an Amazon Top 500 Seller.

Did you know that owning a trademark registration in the infringing territory is often a requirement for having infringing apps, infringing goods and content removed from these sites?

See photos below showing some of the infringements recently removed from Facebook and Amazon and infringing Mobile Apps removed from Amazon and Google Play: