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Deetz’s claims against Rust-Oleum move towards trial

November 8, 2018 by in Litigation

St. Onge IP client, Deetz Family, LLC has asserted claims against Rust-Oleum Corporation related to Rust-Oleum’s wrongful use and misappropriation of Deetz Know-How for magnetic paints and primers.  In a series of recent orders, Judge Hillman for the District Court of Massachusetts: (1) denied Rust-Oleum’s motion for summary judgment; (2) granted Deetz’s motion to amend to add its related companies Visual Magnetics Limited Partnership and MagnaMagic Incorporated.  

In Rust-Oleum’s motion, it was asserted that Rust-Oleum did not use Deetz’s proprietary Know-How.  Rust-Oleum also asserted that Deetz was not entitled to recover lost profits of approximately $5 Million. Judge Hillman denied Rust-Oleum’s motion in its entirety. Please click here to download the copy of the court order.

The claims are set to be resolved in a jury trial starting December 10.