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Court Orders CPi to pay SSJR client, WhitServe, $8.3M for Patent Infringement within 30 days or Risk an Injunction

January 24, 2011 by in IP Litigation

The U.S. District Court in Connecticut has ordered Computer Packages Inc (“CPi”) to pay Whitserve $8.3M in damages for infringing WhitServe’s patents within 30 days or risk an injunction that would prevent CPi from operating its business. SSJR has represented WhitServe for a number of years, helping it obtain and successfully enforce patent rights to Internet-based technology. The Court Order stems from WhitServe’s May 25, 2010 Jury verdict, which found CPi to have willfully infringed four of Whitserve’s patents directed to online annuity payment systems for ip portfolio maintenance. Still pending are WhitServe’s suits filed in Maryland against CPi’s customers of the infringing systems, and a separate suit in Connecticut against a number of additional infringers.