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Anna manages U.S. and Foreign Patent departments ensuring successful filing, prosecution and grant of domestic and foreign patent application of all types. She supervises a group of highly skilled administrative assistants and paralegals in their daily duties of maintaining ongoing correspondence between the USPTO, clients, attorneys and the various foreign associates in an effort to timely prepare and file all necessary documents to ensure best practice in an effort to secure clients’ intellectual property rights.

In addition, Anna supervises the firm’s docketing department, which plays a crucial role in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate schedule of all the important deadlines throughout the firm.  She is actively involved in an ongoing effort to enhance and streamline the docketing and filing practices of the firm related to U.S. and foreign patent matters.

Anna joined the firm in May of 2005 as a member of the patent group and had become the Head of the Foreign Filing Department in 2008 and both Foreign and U.S. Patent Departments in late 2017.

Anna's Practice Areas